Why Real Estate Businesses need to do content marketing

Content marketing is considered to be the poster boy of modern marketing. Famous Seth Godin said that "Content marketing is the only marketing that is left". Content marketing has been among us for quite a while now. Facebook and Google advertisements, other social media marketing, email marketing have evolved over time. Now, every form of business can benefit from them. Even business […]

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How to ace blogging

A blog is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to connect with your audiences. Not only does it help to effectively engage your target group with relevant content, it is also a common way to attract new customers to your websites.

SEO gurus now believe that relevant and helpful content on a website is the key factor in deciding the pagerank of a webpage/website by Google, […]

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Best Instagram Strategies

From raving about that expensive international vacation to showing off the fancy collection, they do it all on Instagram. Every brand uses it social media to promote itself and generate a better brand recall. Intagram has been a major  source of revenue for some of the celebrities. Aticcus the famous mysterious poet hiding behind the mask rose to fame with his Instagram posts.

A […]

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