Marketing Strategy is the backbone of every successful campaign. If done right, the results can be everlasting. Additionally, the strategy can become the starting point of other campaigns which seek out the best of strategies and mould them according to the current needs. One can keep the following points in mind while preparing a content marketing strategy:

How does content marketing generate leads

“Content is king”

To exist in the marketplace you have to put right content in right places 

Nothing can be a better tool for influential marketing than an engaging content.

According to a report from Hubspot, content marketing is 62% less costly than traditional advertising and generates thrice as many leads.

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Why Real Estate Businesses need to do content marketing

Content marketing is considered to be the poster boy of modern marketing. Famous Seth Godin said that "Content marketing is the only marketing that is left". Content marketing has been among us for quite a while now. Facebook and Google advertisements, other social media marketing, email marketing have evolved over time. Now, every form of business can benefit from them. Even business […]

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Businesses need to invest in content marketing as more and more people reaching out to digital web and social media. Healthcare sector is among the ones who have shied away from this opportunity till now. Indian scenario presents a very strong case for every sector to make its online presence felt. Home to over a billion people, India is strongly moving towards strengthening its IT infrastructu […]

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How to accelerate content marketing with SEO

SEO is very much like the popular kid in the class. It has all the tricks up its sleeves to make it the most sought after person among the students and it is likely to stay as is for long. Even after being the most talked about topic, SEO is often confused to be a rival to content marketing. Truth be told, SEO acts as a catalyst to make content marketing more effective. It complements content m […]

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