Public Relations for startup

In today’s market, thanks to advanced technology, the playing field is even. We live in a world where a one-man startup can dare to compete with industry’s “top dogs”, as long as they have a sound public relation strategy in place. For Startups, which have a great product or services, public relations can prove to be great tactics in getting more customers. Aside from the obvious benefit of publicity, entrepreneurs also build instant credibility.

Yes, its sound right. In the current scenario of startup era in India, there are 100s of startups born each day but no one knows about them or what product or services they serve, or what problem they solve!


PR is an essential and valuable marketing tool that can increase visibility and help businesses stand out from competetion

      1. It introduces your startup to the world

PR gives a platform where startup get introduced to the world which is good for their business. It creates Brand awareness about their product or services they offer to public. Start up can be recognized by the investors not only when the idea of business is exceptional but also when the public perception becomes strong. PR gets your startup the kind of exposure it needs and thus helps your business bloom.

       2. Opens the door of beneficial connections

With connection I literally mean it’s beneficial whether it is angel investor or customers. PR is all about right connections, which in turn helps target right audience and build relationship. It is becoming backbone of right marketing strategy. They help build brand image in customer’s perspective.

       3. They speak for you

PR provides your business to enter and engage with industry and develop communications around public about what you are doing, how you are changing or impacting the market, what problems you are solving, what is the differentiating factor of your business, and what will your future plans.


Use the Right PR Tools

Here are a few tools that will help you with your PR startup...

PR Web -- Once you're comfortable with writing to journalists (using the tips mentioned above) PRWeb can help you to create and distribute the perfect press release. This tool can help you to create a press release, make it SEO-friendly, distribute it, and track your results.

Google Alerts -- It's always good practice to keep track of what people are saying about you and your brand. Google Alerts is a free tool that will alert you as soon as you are mentioned anywhere across the web. Just sign up and input any keyword you would like to track. You can even track your competitors' mentions or industry news to keep you in the loop.

Buzz Sumo -- In today's fast-paced world, it helps to keep your ear to the ground of what's hot -- both for creating content and pitching to journalists. BuzzSumo keeps you connected to what's hot. And keep tabs on your competitors with the tool's insights feature-- what they publish and how audiences engage with their content -- to see where you stand.

Muck Rack -- When you're starting out at zero media contacts (as many startups do) MuckRack can help. With this tool you can find journalists related to your industry and contact them. You can even use their analytics feature to track when people link to your content. -- As we've discussed, emailing journalists and others is important to public relations strategy, but finding the right email addresses isn't always easy. That's where comes in. This handy tool helps you to find or verify virtually any email address that exists, whether you search for a person or an organization. And it's free for up to 100 emails.


With multiple price points -- and even some that are free -- these tools are a perfect fit for many startups that don't have a huge budget but still want to compete.

The reason you need a PR agency is because you need customers, and thus you need to be proactive about your business, otherwise you will be driven out of business. The more attention you get from public, the more chances you have to win customers and grow rapidly.

by Allkonnect Admin