Do you even know how many followers do I have? *proud*

You know what, my last post got like a zillion likes. *happy*

These are some pretty common sentences you might overhear in any conversation, every day. Goes on to tell you the the importance and depth of social media entrenched in our lives is that Social media made an impact  and  emerged as the ultimate networking platform but the evolution of social media has resulted in its development as an online marketplace for marketing and even selling your products. Plenty of reports are published every year showing the staggering amount of time people spend on social media. We even have a new term now as “social media influencers”, replacing the conventional celebrities. Many expert marketers Has used social media marketing and created a successful campaigns which has made their product a recognition in market place at faster rate.

But the question is how to create an impact using social media marketing?

How to keep yourself upbeat in the ever-changing and ever-evolving platforms of social media?

Many businesses adopt ineffective and, to some extent, wrong strategies of social media marketing. The answer can be tricky yet easy. A well laid-out roadmap can push your product or service into the big-league.

Let’s open the  box for the secret behind creating a successful social media campaign.


Know Your Audience

The first step to any form of marketing is getting insights about your target audience. Without knowing your target audience, you can never design a successful marketing campaign. To know your audience you must know their persona which in include the right target audience. This persona include demographic factors, psychological factors, behavioural factors which determines the buying decision. You can expand the spectrum later for brand extension.


Choose the platform

After selecting the target audience, do a thorough research about the inside-out of their priorities and preferences. This would in-turn help you find out their most preferred social media platforms, that can be targeted for maximum impact. Now, selecting a single platform could be a daunting task, so it is advised to be present on at-least 3-4 basic platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), unless you find out a specific platform for promotion that is used by your target audience.

Facebook- Engaging with customers and followers, building an audience (but expect to pay to reach that audience). Facebook offers several advantages like event promotion, fundraising to posting jobs and more.

Instagram-  Like they say a picture is worth thousand of words. Instagram helps us tell short visual stories. 

Twitter- Expanding your audience with links to compelling content. Twitter is a great place to address customer service questions. An engaging conversation on twitter is a time well spent.

Decide the frequency of your posts

Once you have decided upon the platforms that you will use, decide the frequency of your posts. Remember, lesser posts will never create a lasting impression, but at the same time, excessive posting could result in the audience being irritated, thus creating a negative impression. Hence, you should decide upon an optimum frequency to create just the right impression.

Create engaging posts/content

Try to engage your audience by creating a buzzing content which is both fun and informative about your product. Don’t post couple of times a day just for the sake of posting, post with a motive of engaging the audience and attracting traffic and opportunities to market your product. Solve their problems, address their needs, and keep a two-way conversation.

These engaging post can be of different types like Blogs, Infographics, short videos, hire a influencers who can crate quality content who can engage with customers with their quality comment, checklist, newsletter.


Track and measure your results

Creating a sustainable strategy is not a one-day job. Strategies need to tweaked frequently to match the pace of the changing online ecosystem. You have to constantly evaluate the results of your strategy at intervals and compare them to standards set at the onset of formulation of your strategy. Constantly updating your strategy would mean keeping up with the competitors, and in some cases being a step ahead of them too.


Most businesses never figure out these basic steps for an effective social media marketing campaign and fail miserably in the attempt to woo customers. But, following these steps would definitely ensure a power-packed campaign, and maximise growth, given the product is a delight too.

So, endorse these steps and create a delightful campaign, and at the same time generate ripples among the competitors.