SEO is very much like the popular kid in the class. It has all the tricks up its sleeves to make it the most sought after person among the students and it is likely to stay as is for long. Even after being the most talked about topic, SEO is often confused to be a rival to content marketing. Truth be told, SEO acts as a catalyst to make content marketing more effective. It complements content marketing to help it reach out to more people by tweaking the content. A deep understanding of SEO can do wonders for content marketers as they can get more hits, similar to the paid hits. 

To make the best of SEO with content marketing you can keep the following points in mind:

  1. Originality triumphs over everything

    Original and compelling content is always a better option to invest your energy compared to a ripped off content. Customers prefer new things, things which haven’t been mentioned before. A newer perspective is always better than a critique of older work. In-depth articles always rank higher in Google page ranking algorithm compared to other articles.

  2. Keywords accentuate original content

    Use of appropriate keywords increases the visibility of the content by heaps. Google Adwords Keyword Planner and other similar tools can help you find out the relevant keywords whose relevancy is the utmost at that point of search. By using most searched keywords with compelling original content, you are presenting highly popular content among the audience. The content thus created is useful for users and they promote it organically, perfectly serving the purpose.

  3. Quality and Quantity are poles apart

    You might have an impression that creating more will help you stay higher in the page ranking algorithms. In reality, creating quality content in appropriate the amount is much better than compromising on quality and creating content just for the sake of it. Appropriate content quantity differs in every scenario and is what one should create after thorough research. Piling up content is not going to help and you will end up devoting time to activities which are not going to be fruitful.

  4. Art of creating

    In the end, it is all about the customers. Being mechanical about the whole SEO and gaining more traffic is about building a loyal customer base, which trusts you with good quality content. To make it happen, you can develop your unique way of delivering the content desired by the user. This USP will then help you build loyal user base which shall help you gain more traction. Hits beget hits, the more the merrier. You can go for multipart series where the user gets to taste a bit of the content he/she desires. The narration should make the user come back for more, and that way the article will always stand high in page ranking algorithms.

  5. Have evergreen content in your stable

    By creating content which has a fairly constant demand throughout, it can make users visit it even after a long time since its creation is a real game changer. Generally, to-dos and tutorials which answer some of the pertinent problems of consumers are the most sought after articles. Creating a well-researched, backed by backlinks, and data driven content can bring you the hits you always desire.