A guest post is an original post submitted to a targeted publication audience which helps the guest increase his reach and the publication to share new articles. However to get appropriate exposure few things should be followed. They are as below:

  • A guest post will be published by the editor only if the content is original and not repetitive in nature. Thus before submitting guest posts, the author should complete a basic research on which topics are in trend and write posts on those. Further, the content should be unique which captures the editor’s attention.

  • There has been a lot of video content and infographics flow in recent blogging sites. These contents are both eye-catching and concise to reach out to potential users. However, the written content is still the primary format for guest posts and enthusiastic blog readers prefer well-written content any day.

  • Most blogs written today are self-promotion which needs to be avoided. This will set the guest posts different from others. Quoting examples is necessary but there is a thin line between overdoing it which authors need to take notice of.

  • To build relationship with readers, authors must reply back to all comments made on the blog. This will help in reaching out to more audience and attract more traffic to the blog page which is what the editor wants. This, in turn, may provide you with an opportunity to write a new guest post.

  • The posts submitted should be customized according to the blog’s nature. Sometimes when there is a mismatch of alignment, such guest posts may not reach the desired audience. Hence it is of paramount importance to write according to the rules of the blog page. This would also increase the interested engaged readers.

  • The pitch email should be as effective as your article which will attract the attention of the editor. Building a relationship through effective email communication helps the author break out from the crowd. The perfect mail contains a concise but descriptive summary of the post and proper respect to the editor for his time. This would result in the editor understanding and valuing your contribution.