Building social media community

  • Netflix: Netflix is a household name in Indian context of late. They have currently 50 million likes on their Facebook page. Their addictive series and viral content which is being discussed by almost all their subscribers. Netflix uses this content of the users to build their brand community through social media channels. By using their own content, they come up with viral memes, gifs, etc which get shared over time by the subscribers on social media platforms. The users also discuss favourite characters, plot points in these dedicated online communities which help in creating awareness about Netflix. Thus, they have successfully integrated word of mouth promotion over social media platforms without incurring any additional cost which enables it to reach different customers. Recently Netflix promoted their new webseries for Indian audience through Twitter while taking a response dig at Zomato which garnered over 6500 likes and 2800 retweets.


  • Redbull: Redbull is not only known for its energy drink but also of its heavy sponsorships in extreme sports, music and entertainment business. They have built a succesful brand community by engaging with the audience and understanding their needs. Their campaigns are rarely directed towards their product. Instead all of them have them motivational meanings attached to them. Further they also directly engage with their users and drive promotional activities to attract a strong fan community that promote the brand willingly. Their Facebook page has 48 million likes as of now.


  • McDonalds: Mcdonalds uses their social media community to directly interact with the customers and address their complaints. This structured and prompt response helps build a sense of trust among other customers and helps in building a strong community. The customers get assurance of Mcdonald through the social media handle and also the negativity towards the organization is reduced during the process. Currently around 78 million worldwide like their Facebook page.


  • DELL: Dell has built a strong brand community using its social media channel mainly Facebook with 11 million likes. It interacts directly the customers on the latest trends and also announces new product launches over social media channel. This has helped them to understand the pulse of the customer better while designing the product. Further the customer interactions help promotion of DELL and its products as a result of strong brand community.


  • Starbucks: Starbucks has created a huge social media community with its wide presence on various social media platforms. Associating with Starbucks resonates with your personality and lifestyle – this is what customer thinks which Starbucks tap into. They communicate with the customers on various topics and use each social media channel for different purpose. Their Facebook handle (37 million) is multilingual which helps them to reach out to different variety of customers. They introduce their most popular products which interests the customer. Further they make sure they listen to their customers and their @mystarbucksidea campaign over twitter help them learn about customers want or needs and modify their marketing strategy accordingly. Similarly, over Instagram they share high definition pictures of their most famous, latest products which helps in customer association when they walk into stores.


  • Coca-Cola: With around 107 million likes in Facebook, Coca Cola is one of the most active social media brands. With engaging and interactive content, it has kept the audience active with a wide range of activities like posting fan photos and videos. Through these efforts they help in encouraging customers experience and building associations with them. The Twitter account has more than 140,000 follower conversations and with different languages which helps them penetrate and address various customers and building a strong brand association.


  • Oreo: Their strong use of Facebook handle with more than 42 million likes is a strong way of building brand community. Their Facebook page mainly comprises recipes, videos, fan photos, various contests, etc which users can always relate to. Further on Twitter they constantly turn up with fresh and relevant content which interests users and helps them create a buzz in the social media world.


  • Dove: Dove is one of the most popular brands in social media among women. Their relevant content about the products and real-life social campaigns #choosebeautiful gives a strong association for all the women of social media. With around 28 million likes they are creating content which helps women realize their beauty potential with their wide range of products.



by Allkonnect Admin