Bajaj Auto – Indian two wheeler company Bajaj Auto launched its long planned semi cruiser Dominar in 2016. The Dominar, which is around a lakh rupee cheaper than its KTM and Royal Enfield counterparts, is marketed as an easy to ride motorcycle with better maneuverability than other bikes in its segment. Bajaj has really struck the chord with its ‘Hathi Mat Paalo’ campaign which is a direct dig at Royal Enfield.

Bajaj also organized a Trans-Siberian Odessey across six countries – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. In June 2017, renowned riders Deepak Kamath, Dilip Bhat and Sudhir Prasad set off on a 15,600km journey on Bajaj Dominars, which was also summarized in a YouTube video and advertised by Bajaj Auto

A similar ride featuring women bikers was organized by Bajaj in February 2018. The riders covered 17000 kms on Dominar 400s across South East Asia in 56 days.

A year after the famous Trans-Siberian Odyssey, the Dominar 400s are set out on another cross-country ride - the Polar Odyssey. The riders will ride on Dominar 400s from Anchorage to Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic Circle and then all the way down to Ushuaia in Argentina by the Antarctic Circle.

First aired in August 2017, the entire ‘Hathi Mat Paalo’ campaign has gathered 39.5 million views, 10,402 likes, and 2,433 comments on its YouTube official channel only.

The ‘Odyssey’ videos have gained 4.6 million views, 5,718 likes, and 522 comments in total on the same platform.


Vicks’ Touch of Care Campaign - Vicks launched a digital marketing campaign in India titled ‘Touch of Care’ featuring the true story of a transgender woman named Gauri. The ad which highlighted the emotional bond between a transgender woman and her adopted daughter was promoted across all digital and social media channels. The campaign was uploaded on YouTube on 30th March, 2017 and has since clocked around 9.8 million views, 21,000 likes, and 1,053 comments.



TVS Motor’s Apache RR310 – In 2017, TVS motor extended its Apache product line and launched Apache RR310 in the premium cum entry-level-sports segment. The company heavily advertised the product before its launch on Youtube with ads that showcased the development of the motorcycle right from design to manufacturing to wind-tunnel testing. The entire gallery of videos is available on the company’s official Youtube Channel as well as on its website. The product launch in Chennai was also streamed live on motor-blog website Motorbeam’s youtube channel.

TVS has since followed a similar pattern with the launches of the Apache 200 4V and Apache 160 4V. On the official TVS Apache YouTube channel, the campaign for Apache RR310 has gathered 6.2 million views, 10,710 likes, and 707 comments.


Coca Cola’s ‘Elevator’ Campaign – The elevator campaign of the soft drink giant Coca Cola launched in the summer of 2017 and featured waiters/waitresses stuck in elevators with celebrities gained much popularity on social media. Advertisements featuring actress Deepika Padukone and Singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh have gained 13 and 7 million views on YouTube till date. These ads were part of a global campaign aired in different countries with local celebrities.

On the official YouTube Channel of the company, the Indian ads of the campaign have gathered 20.7 million views, 61,000 likes, and 2,710 comments.


Ariel’s ‘Share the Load’ Campaign – Ariel took the small but common though: “Is laundry only a woman’s job?”, and took it to a whole new level with its Share the Load campaign. Widely touted as the brand’s most successful campaign till date, the 2 minute video highlights the uneven distribution of domestic labor.

The campaign was crowned ‘Campaign of the Year’ at the 2016 M&M Global Awards. The video has gathered around 3 million views, 7.9k likes, and 630 comments on YouTube.