What is the best time to post on social media ?

As a social media manager you might have come up with several studies on what is a good time to post on social media. And while it is good to know the best time to post it is time to reconsider them. Every brand has a unique voice and its own set of target audience hence it is important to have the right data that will yield positive marketing results.

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Tips to build a passionate and loyal community for your brand

According to recent studies having a branded community can help  businesses grow faster. In fact, having a community can reduce customer costs by up to 25 percent, increased customer retention and get feedback on new ideas and products. So if your brand hasn’t decided to build its community yet then it might just be the missing key to your brand’s success.



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What is SEO for voice search?

The way people are asking information on the internet is changing. We are using our phone most of the time to keep us informed instead of sitting at the desk. We are always looking for something while we are at the restaurant, commuting to work on public transport or even handsfree in the car trying to find the right directions.

As technology is becoming more convenient search users a […]

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Does your brand need a word of mouth strategy ?

In today’s world even with all social media, search engine optimization, blogs the best way to grow any business is for your customers to grow it for you. Its called the word of mouth where customers going out of their way to tell other people about your products or services.

There is nothing new about the word of mouth. It has been prevalent since cavemen days and has been the […]

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