Allkonnect is on a mission to make
marketing easier

Our story

Our founders, Monika Prasad and Rajeev Ranjan, launched Allkonnect in 2018 to find a better way for creative talent and brands to collaborate. To embrace the need of modern business of content marketing they build a platform that will connect brands with creative talent seamlessly. As the demand of original content is skyrocketing our product gives clients flexibility and complete transparency in generating content and engaging more customers.

Our goal is to enable businesses to:

  • Build the brand and stand out from competition
  • Focus on their core business
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating marketing
  • Achieve higher ROI on marketing efforts

Our Team

Rajeev Ranjan

Our Culture

We value fun, transparency and trust and most importantly we love what we do. We give competitive salaries, benefits, comprehensive healthcare, coworking space memberships, investment in education and training, and more.

We’re Hiring!

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  • Front End Designer
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  • Content Marketing Manager
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